Kamis, 24 September 2015


2 days ago, September 22nd, I had a birthday. Thank you to my sister who gave me a surprise and to people who helped her. I love it. Thank you for giving me surprise not only on my birthday.

Well, what is Birthday? Is it special? What should we do on that day? Praying? Celebrating? Wishing some amazing things? Should somebody bring us a birthday cake? Is it just about blow out the candles? Or should we receive some gifts too? I really want to celebrate it but on the other side my head keep reminds me to stay. What is this? What is the taste of birthday? Maybe I miss my childhood. Not because we don't have problems but that is the place where I have a real birthday. Where people and friends at one place and we are celebrating together. Blow out candle. Many gifts. Balloons. Happiness. Party. Surprise. Just so you know I am so happy that way. But now I am not kid anymore maybe that's the reason I don't get what I am thinking.

We grow up. But people will forget. When we can't do anything because we are too old, what can we do? Only remember about past and moments. Each birthday, I always hoping all day long, imagining what I want to be happen that day. It's okay, I will have new September. I am happy being me.

Maybe everyone that read this might think I am so childish. But you don't know me well. 

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